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The Basics of Castia Stone Installation

  • Castia Stone manufactures a siding system that has been used in North America since 1988. It consists of concrete tiles and trim that range in thickness from 5/8" - 3". They are attached using an embedded metal bracket that creates a 1/2" air space between the tile and substrate wall. This gap allows for proper drainage and ventilation.

  • Installation of Castia Stone must be in direct accordance with all manufacturer specifications and carried out by trained and certified installers.

  • Castia Stone is installed over a proper vapor barrier, and attached directly to the building substrate. Unlike brick, the installation of Castia Stone does not require angle iron or other reinforcements.

  • Each Castia Stone tile has embedded metal brackets that have a small hole at the top and the bottom. This allows the tile to be installed either right-side-up or up-side-down. To fasten the tile to the wall, galvanized screws are driven through the bracket holes into the substrate.

  • When necessary, Castia Stone may be cut using a circular saw fitted with any standard masonry blade. A dry-cutting diamond blade is recommended.

  • After all tiles and trim pieces are hung, all seams are caulked with Tremco DymonicTM Caulking. These caulking seams are then coated with white Silica Sand to give a mortared appearance. It should be noted that caulking and silica sand are used for aesthetic enhancement only. The protective function of Castia Stone cladding system is not dependant on the caulking and silica sand.

Note: Proper installation of Castia Stone is contingent upon all other aspects of construction completed in direct compliance with local building codes and proper engineering and architectural design.

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